References - Sade Gewürze

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We supply our clients with spices in a national scale as well on in european level. Our distribution's service allow us a ponctual delivery of the products.
Between our clients there are:
  • Döner products
  • wholesalers and retailers
  • gastronome
  • hotels and restaurants
  • resellers (distributors)

The resellers or distributors are obliged, before buying our products, to respect the rules and norms of the UE and those of hygiene and have to present their conformity to these rules and normes before the delivery.
We establish high standards of hygiene and quality!
With the quality of our production, our products' innovation, our satisfied customers and our compromise we want to earn your trust as a new customer. We produce according our clients' desires. Our clients' satisfaction and our products' quality allow us to give a faithful clientele base!
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