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With our diverse range of products and our assortment which keeps increasing, we offer you a big variety of fresh spices and spice mixtures.  For the production of our mixtures we use specially recently milled spices. So with our name we assure you freshness and quality.
In this sector our company distinguish itself by satisfying the clients' desires and creating together with them spices or special spices mixtures. You can buy our spice mixtures or also you can order us your own mixtures according to your recipe. A strong cooperation with you and our experts lead to the expected result so that your clients can have a sensation of an extraordinary taste.

Mixtures of spices (spices for Döner)
Guidelines of the "German Food Code" establish mixtures of spices as special blends that contain various types of spice.  The mixtures are used to refine the aliments' taste. We offer you spice mixtures for all kind of Döner. We also create mixtures which match with your products according your desires.

The binders that are used by the food industry help to improve the consistency of the products.
In general these binders are food additives that must be listed on the packaging or on the label in accordance with the labelling regulations.
For this reason they are used in the food industry.The most important characteristic of binders is the water retention.

According to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008 the "aroma" is a product which is not intended for direct consumption, but to be added to the food to give the product a smell and / or a special flavor. With our aromas the products obtain an exclusive and rich flavour.

Fresh spice
In addition to our blends we also offer fresh spices that can serve as a special component during preparation of any type of food. We have fresh or milled spices, depending on your preference.

We actualize and enlarge continuously our assortment.

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